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Traditional rental VS short term rentals

James and his wife owned several homes along the coast of Marin county, They traditionally rented this properties for $3,000 a month. Not only was renting traditionally taxing on them, they also weren’t able to cover their mortgage which at the time was $3,300 a month. They realized quickly that they needed to change the model they had. After finding us online, they connected with us on how we can help.

  • Less wear and tear on the home 

  • Earnings are typically 2x what traditional rentals earn. 

  • Earn while you sleep, travel the world! 

  • Let us take the stress of short term rentals, off your plate. 

  • We handle all the day to day operations. 

They soon realized that if Airventure was to host their property they would reduce the amount of wear and tear that traditional renting endured. After meeting with Airventure over zoom they come up with a plan. The plan was to allow Airventure move forward with placing their home on their platform.


Not only did they generate 3 x what they would have earned traditionally but they also have much less wear and tear, they can visit the property whenever they choose and they can also ensure they will earn money while they sleep.

AirVenture Professional Hosting & Rental Management

hosting co.

If you’re already a vacation rental owner we’d love to help!

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