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It all happened in 2021

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Last Friday of the year...holy smokes! As the year comes to a close, I'd like to take a moment to look back on what a year 2021 was for me. Personally and professionally, it has been an amazing ride. There were good days, there were better days, and I believe the best is yet to come.

Rewind to October 29, 2020... amidst that year with all the uncertainties that are still ongoing with the pandemic, after many years of experience in hosting my own AirBnB properties, I finally decided to officially incorporate and build a hosting & management company. Henceforth, AirVenture Inc. was created (with a logo that's close to my heart and my son helped me put together).

The expansion that I originally planned wasn't easy breezy as I thought it would be, the hospitality and travel industries were (and still are) greatly affected. I wanted to get another home but with the real estate market being as it is currently, that didn't happen for me for the most part of 2021. So I had to refocus my strategies, I needed to find homes to co-host. My big break came from managing this beautiful property in La Grange overlooking Lake Don Pedro, I couldn't be more thankful and lucky for that opportunity. It opened up doors of opportunities in co-hosting other homes. And to be working with homeowners that put their trust in me, I am grateful.

Coming into Q2 of 2021, personally, I was trying to navigate the changes and the demands that came with juggling a 9 to 5 W2 day job and being an entrepreneur. I had a goal, I wanted to hit a certain milestone for me to say this is it, it's time. Plus, I wasn't lucky yet, I still wasn't able to purchase another investment home, that for me was a hurdle. I have homes I co-host and rental arbitrage. So doing it full time was negotiable, timing was indefinite, until it wasn't anymore. It's July 2021, with a big leap of faith, I did it!!!

It's not easy, I had sleepless nights (I still do)...but with a growth mindset, renewed perspectives and being in a sink or swim mode, I have to make it work!

As I am trying to cope with "The New Normal" personally and professionally for me, thankfully, the experience I've gained overtime in managing my AirBnB homes came in a handy. With the shifts in the Travel and STR market, I was able to pivot my strategies as I saw a change in my guests profiles. I started hosting longer stays for employees that are working remotely or they were coming into Central Valley for extended work assignments. Being a healthcare sales and marketing professional for most part of my life, I am able to see and experience first hand the increasing demand in housing the Travel Medical Professionals given the increasing shortage of Healthcare workers even prior to Covid. So I started being purposive and intentional in finding Travelers to host. I am seeing how mid-term stays are the true passive income stream. I had an inspired moment, I want to teach others do this I decided, I'll have a masterclass and AirVenture Academy is formed! After months of work, sweat and tears, we launched, we went live and we were sold out! I look forward to see my students succeed and grow into this space. I'm so excited to see what's in store for all of them! Mentoring is something I would want to do more often for 2022... to help STR operators, new and seasoned, level up their STR Game. So, please stay tuned as we unfold more plans for AirVenture Academy! I'm so truly excited for this!

Yass! Last month, sweet November, I finally got a home!!! I had less than a month to put it together, now it's booked for yet another mid-term stay.

I'm so grateful for every single one of you who shared my posts, liked my posts, shared my stories, joined my class and followed and supported my journey in the STR world, and let's not forget the Mid-Term rental market. For all of you who are looking to get started there's no better time than now. Take a step back, there's a wealth of opportunities all around us, so as you wake into the New Year, let's shift into an abundant mindset! Keep following my journey and connect with likeminded peers who are all pursuing growth in the STR and Mid-Term Markets. Find me in The Big Break Show (a podcast that I co-host with Rafa Loza) and connect with me on my Social Media accounts (@airventurehostingco) and What a year it has been and the best is yet to come. Cheers! Happy New Year! #LFG

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