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Cheers to Living the Life You Always Wanted to Have

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

I woke up today just like any other day. I typically start my mornings with a daily routine where I spend a few minutes finding gratitude. So it has always been since childhood. Just opening my eyes, my parents instilled a value in me to be super thankful for it. Waking up is like winning the lottery. I still embrace that morning ritual. I meditate and set my intention. As I officially start my day in this fantastic digital age, a Facebook memory pops out from March 25, 2013.

I remember that day vividly when I was an up-and-coming Healthcare Sales leader. Still, part of my day was to take coffee and snacks to nurses and doctors. I was coming from Dunkin' Donuts to my next stop, a fancy restaurant, to pick up a meal that a doctor specifically requested for our meeting. While I was waiting for it to be ready, I started noticing these people, sometimes by themselves and sometimes in a group, enjoying wining and dining. In my mind, it must be nice, "how to be you?". I was fascinated by people choosing to do what they wanted when they wanted to. (And not to mention having a glass of wine around midday just like my fabulous people of Spain)

I continued working in healthcare, delivering the doctors' fancy meals, walking into restaurants after the midday rush. I continued always to notice these individuals. These Entrepreneurs, I wish I mustered the courage to connect to them and ask them at that time in my life, how did you get here? Can you tell me what you do for work? Can you tell me all the difficult things you had to endure in the past to get to the level of enjoying a crafty drink at 2 PM on a Tuesday? I always thought it was not attainable for me. Only the elite, people from money or somebody who got lucky with the business, would get to enjoy those things.

Fast-forward to today. I am that person. I am that guy that gets to have a drink at 2:30 PM on a Tuesday. I am that guy that left his W-2 job. I am an entrepreneur who hustles regularly. I am that guy who saved money, invested in the stock market, made small moves to buy property. Though I thought I was not as lucky as others. I didn’t come from money. But I worked my ass off.

Still, I am grateful for the experience. Those moments in my life helped me be the ever-nimble and agile thinker and doer in this ever-changing and evolving personal and professional life that I'm pursuing and mastering. But with a renewed mindset and intention, if I had walked up to them and asked them, "who are you and how do you get the time and money" my narrative would have been even better.

I tell you, entrepreneurship is NOT easy, glorious, and not all glamourous and stylish. So I’ll be honest and explain that things aren’t easy, especially as an entrepreneur.

The point of the story is that all these things. Today, March 25, 2022, I woke up just like any other day. Except for today, it reminded me of my past self, my thoughts then, and how I felt seeing other people in those fancy restaurants at 2 PM. I’ve cracked that code which I thought was impossible, the thought of me never really getting there. Sometimes as people, we tend to forget some of the small things and significant milestones & accomplishments.

Now listen, I’m not here to give kudos to myself, to pat myself on the back. But, still, I am here to tell you that if you make small individual moves today, you too can take small steps in the direction you want. I get to be the voice of those people that I was too scared to talk to, too worried about walking up to and asking them what you do and how you do it.

I’m here telling you that if you invest intuitively, forward think, and support yourself, you can accomplish anything you want to do. So I am now the voice to guide you and teach you all the things that I’ve been able to do to create the life I wanted. And that is to have financial freedom and time, TIME which is most important to me. I've done this by investing in real estate, STR, Co-hosting, and the Traveling Medical Professional MidTerm Market.

There weren't many available resources back then, and I had that moment of hesitation to walk up to them. So with an inspired purpose, I now teach people to shorten the learning curve to living the life we all want to. There's no time like the present to do the same, surround yourself with like-minded peers, continue to educate yourself, reach out to a mentor, don't be afraid to connect and ask questions, don't be the 2013 me, hesitating, and second-guessing. Let me be your guide, watch my YouTube videos and our podcast (The Big Break Show), follow me on my LinkedIn and Social Media accounts (IG and Facebook), network, and connect! I'm very grateful that I have the privilege to write to you and (hopefully) help you achieve your wildest dreams! The greatest you is yet to come! Let's cheers to that!

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