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¨Being a California coast native and understanding the local market has helped build AirVenture from humble beginnings to one of California's best-rated Airbnb management companies.

We understand how precious people’s homes are and we have processes in place to securely, yet successfully, provide higher rental returns than traditional methods. AirVenture we have the most established and reliable team looking after your property. It’s one of the many reasons why property owners choose us and guests love us.

We are a team of passionate adventurers who thrive on helping investors & home owners maximize passive income.¨

¨Very early on my father would mention to me how important owning real estate was and how it could help impact the overall financial health/wealth of not only myself but for my children. I also watched my parents who were extremely giving become taken advantage of by would be tenants.

Over the years I watched my parents go in and out of court for the simple sake of having ethical values. My father knew as a parent raising 4 boys there could be financial hardships at some point within any family. I soon realized that if and when I go into real estate, I want to make sure I get paid up front. I absolutely did not want to endure what my family did. In Jan of 2016 I set to purchase my first STR property.

Wow did my short-term housing take off!. Quickly scaling the business, I was able to earn enough money to continue to acquire new properties. Soon enough my friends, family and colleagues began asking me to host for them! I soon realized this is a business! Fast Forward 4 Years! We are here helping other STR enthusiasts find and locate cash yielding properties throughout the USA by using our data driven technologies. We are able to help these rentalpranuers from start to finish whether that’s scouting the right home to property managing!

Jesse Vasquez


AirVenture Hosting Co.

was born when our founder Jesse had dreams of working for himself and his family. He decided to purchase an investment property and rent it out via Airbnb. After consistently earning more with the short-term rental than with a traditional property, he decided to purchase a second investment property. Jesse fell in love with arranging, decorating, and managing the two homes. After a few friends and colleagues started to notice his passion, he was asked for help with their short-term rentals as well. It became very obvious there was a need for Airbnb management services and the rest was history. 

We have a team member for
every level of service

Melanie F.

Customer Support Specialist

Melanie understands the nature of the hospitality business. She learned hospitality from the ground up. Humble beginnings as a cleaning crew team member she quickly moved up within the organization.


She has an exceptional attitude, works great with our guests, and handles and minimizes any potential issues with grace and confidence. 

Our Design Team

Increase revenue with our ability to offer quality images, thoughtful interior design, exceptional marketing, and extraordinary hospitality.

We will not only generate more revenue but we will also run a market analysis on which styles are profiting, we call this “profiling”.  We offer one-of-a-kind market research/design paired with precise hospitality. 

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