Our AirVenture Story

AirVenture Hosting was born when our founder Jesse had dreams of working for himself and his family. He decided to purchase an investment property and rent it out via Airbnb. After consistently earning more with the short-term rental than with a traditional property, he decided to purchase a second investment property. Jesse fell in love with arranging, decorating, and managing the two homes. After a few friends and colleagues started to notice his passion, he was asked for help with their short-term rentals as well. It became very obvious there was a need for Airbnb management services and the rest was history. Being a California coast native and understanding the local market has helped build AirVenture from humble beginnings to one of California's best-rated Airbnb management companies.

We understand how precious people’s homes are and we have processes in place to securely, yet successfully, provide higher rental returns than traditional methods. AirVenture we have the most established and reliable team looking after your property. It’s one of the many reasons why property owners choose us and guests love us.

Proven track record in
improving and
maximizing vacation
rental profits of up to
300% vs. traditional
renting revenue
potentials as Hospitality


Professionally managed
and operated by a team
of passionate
adventurers who thrive
on making memorable
vacays and stays every


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Top Rated

Why are we continually rated the best Airbnb hosting company? Our guests love the extra mile we are prepared to go, ensuring their stay is always perfect. Our hosts appreciate how each person is treated as an individual and not just a transaction. Its no wonder we have the highest Google ratings!
Over the years we have built an extremely reliable team which create first class guest experiences and importantly great ratings for your property. Our team includes dedicated property and guest managers, the best rated Airbnb cleaners, property stylists, maintenance teams and more to ensure that every stay is perfect.
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Our Team

We partner with all platforms to ensure you’re fully booked! There is no point being on just one platform when you can be on multiple sites ensuring we can have your home rented out. We want your property fully booked.