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How to analyze a Mid-Term Rental for the Travel Nursing Market

Hey, y'all! Here's the latest video I shared on my YouTube Channel. This sets the foundation behind my previous video on How to maximize earning potentials of a Short-Term Rental property by hosting Travel Nurses, to know if this the right model for you, and with that, you're able to level up your STR operation by also going into the Mid-Term Rental Market. I say it all the time, when done strategically, Mid-term rentals are here to stay and they allow you to have truly passive income!

But there are a few specific things to be aware of when you target the Travel Medical Professional world. In this video below, I talked about the best ways to analyze and evaluate properties and markets for a Mid-Term rental specific for the Travel Nursing Market. Check it out below, please watch, like, comment and subscribe to my channel!

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